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Microsoft Cortana unlocks data’s full potential

Modern business is being transformed by three major trends: Big data, the cloud and intelligence. The winners will master all three. Microsoft Cortana can get you there by unlocking the full potential of your data. Remove the divide between IT and the business side of your operation and empower your whole workforce to access data and drive better decisions. Get more value from your enterprise data, contact JTC Consulting Ltd.

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Customer story: iSalon

For @iSalon, making the move to #Microsoft365Business was a no-brainer. In fact, the IT department at @iSalon identified the superior data-loss prevention tools from Microsoft 365 as a game-changer for the company. In addition to protecting customer #data and simplifying IT management, @iSalon has already seen a positive impact on its bottom line since adopting Microsoft 365 Business. Our team at JTC Consulting Ltd can help you increase security measures and grow your business. Contact us to learn more.

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Break down data silos with Power BI! Subscribe now and never miss a post from JTC Consulting Ltd. Business data represents lost opportunities unless you take the time and have the right tools to operationalize it. Are your managers pressing for more access? Are they frustrated with static reports? Do you want more visual representations so decision makers can see what's actionable? Subscribe now to hear how others have unlocked their business data.

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Develop ‘Security Champions’ For Successful Enterprise Security Scalability

"Scaling up a corporate security department can be an exercise in futility. These organizations need to cover multiple areas of expertise, from classic IT security to physical security, compliance, regulation, secure coding, incident handling and legal/privacy, all while facing the need to run lean." Read this article for to discover how getting to the root cause of vulnerabilities helps leverage your best assets and employees to protect your organization from future breaches.

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Is your company secure?

It takes 311 days and $4 million on average to contain an email hack. With Microsoft 365, JTC Consulting Ltd can help your organization avoid costly breaches and stay secure. Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution to empower employees to be creative and work securely together. It brings together the abilities to identify and access management, threat protection, information protection and security management in a simple, secure, all-in-one solution. Contact us to learn more.

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Protect your company with security solutions from Microsoft

Every company needs to have an up-to-date security strategy. Especially small businesses. Want to secure your customers' sensitive data? We've got you covered. Contact our team at JTC Consulting Ltd to learn how we can build your customers' defense strategy with sophisticated phishing and ransomware protection.

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Virgin Atlantic improves internal customer service with Power BI and PowerApps

Virgin Atlantic creates quick wins for internal #customerservice using #PowerBI to reveal previously difficult-to-access data. When it needed to empower its mobile workforce to develop business apps quickly and easily, Systems Development Manger Manuela Pichler turned to Microsoft Modern BI to deliver prompt access to data insights anytime and anywhere while improving collaboration across teams. With #Microsoft PowerApps, Manuela and her Systems Development team can now build apps in as little as a day. No more data stuck in silos. Just kudos to the team! Watch this video for inspiration and contact JTC Consulting Ltd to learn more.

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Customer story: Jack’s Diving Locker

Did you know that technology is helping to protect and save our oceans? With #cloud security and communication tools, @JacksDiveLocker has exponentially increased their outreach and education efforts to keep our oceans healthy and thriving. Want to see how the latest #security tools can help grow your business? Contact our team at JTC Consulting Ltd to get started today!

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While your complete security environment will include a mix of solutions from different vendors, you can feel confident with Microsoft at the heart of it, you'll have: • Solutions built secure from the bottom up • Over 3,500 people dedicated to security - more than most governments, let alone companies • Internal spending of ~$1B/year on security internally • Applied intelligence based on trillions of signals across all Microsoft services Subscribe today to stay informed.

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Technology’s Impact on Employee Experience: Balancing Overload Versus Enablement

How does technology enhance an employee's experience? How does it hinder it? You can lead the way in providing a balanced work environment. With #Teamworksolutions from #Microsoft, show your employees how to make technology work for them so their teams stay more connected and productive with tools that make it easy and fun to work together. Read this article for more. And contact us to help you get started.

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